Description Can be played with
20th Century Modpack (901 kB)
BattleTech Science Fiction Modpack (355 kB)
Civilization 1 Modpack (88 kB)

This modpack uses the old rules of original Civilization

Alternative Modpack for Civ2 MGE (200 kB) + Sound Files (423 kB)
Alternative Modpack for Civ2 ToT (524 kB) + Sound Files (870 kB)
Modern Ages Modpack for Civ2 (232 kB) + Sound Files (110 kB)

This Modpack for Civilization II represents the period around 1850 A.D. to the future 2050 A.D. – Features:

1) New UNITS.GIF file (38 new units)
2) New ICONS.GIF file (17 new WoW)
3) New CITIES.GIF file
4) New Sounds
5) A new unit that can transform OCEAN squares into land and vice versa