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The Odyssey (985 kB)

The Odyssey is an adventure scenario based upon Homer’s epic Bronze Age tale. The scenario opens as the final events of the Trojan War unfold. Among the Greek besiegers is Odysseus of Ithaca, and this is the story of his incredible, adventure-filled journey home. There is only one protagonist civilization, the Ithacans. All the others represent various friends and enemies of Odysseus, and are completely unplayable. One thing to always remember: Odysseus was renowned among the ancients for his keen mind and wily ways. To successfully complete “The Odyssey”, you must BE that man!


1283 BC
Imperium Romanum (877 kB)

In 386 BC the Persian empire is still, despite it´s defeat in Hellas, the most feared power in the Eastern Mediterranean. But it has to fight many internal problems, more and more disorders and revolts, and so the Egyptians are able to free their country from the Persians. The hegemonial power in Hellas is Sparta, and also Athen is getting stronger again and tries to reestablish it´s naval power, but the golden age of the free Poleis is over, as in Northern Greece a new opponent appears: Macedonia. In the Western Mediterranean Carthage expands its trade empire and comes more and more into conflict with the Greek cities of Sicily, especially Syracuse. For contrast Rome´s sphere of influence still ends shorlty beyond its own city walls. So the Romans set out to conquer Italy…


386 BC
Justinian (786 kB)

In 395 A.D. the Roman Empire divided itself in half. Bad Idea! As this scenario begins, the Barbarian hordes are ready to invade the Roman Empire. If you play the East Romans, for whom this scenario is designed, you must try to hold on until 527 when Justinian becomes Emperor. By then the barbarian invasions should have spent themselves, and you’ll have an opportunity to reclaim the Western Empire just as Justinian did. Alternatively, you can go after the Persians to the East.


401 AD
East Rome (471 kB)

“What a city we have given over to plunder and destruction”. Mehmed II (1451-1481), Ottoman Sultan who conquered Constantinople. Your goal, of course, is to re-establish the Byzantine Empire or to prevent that from happening and make your own ideas a reality. The Ottomans must conquer as much as possible.


1204 AD
Switzerland (12 kB)

Switzerland was not always a neutral nation, politely dismissed as a target of war. The Swiss had to fight for their neutrality
— and their independence. During the 13th century Switzerland was a province of Austria, under the rule of Rudolph of Habsberg, a member of the Austrian royal family. In 1291 the Swiss Confederation was formed by several villages as an ‘everlasting league’ for common defense. In 1398 league threw the Austrians out of Switzerland and successfully defended themselves again in the late 15th century. In the 16th century Switzerland became fiercely divided over religious struggles between Protestants and Catholics (Sonderbunders). To achieve victory prove your commitment to neutrality by freeing the Swiss people from Austrian oppression, then uniting Switzerland with Sonderbund and protecting Switzerland from any other threats. To reach a decisive victory, present some threats of your own as well. Prove that conquest of Switzerland ‘isn’t worth it’.


1291 AD
Colony III (609 kB)

The struggle of Reformation and Counter-Reformation known as the Thirty Years’ War has ended. The consolodated Monarchies of Europe – and the Dutch Republic, newly independent from Spain – turn once more to the business of Empire. Expansion into the vast spaces of the Americas is the goal. How will the Native peoples cope?


1660 AD
Italy’s Unification (196

“Let’s unify Italy!” On behalf of the piemontian chancellor Cavour general Garibaldi starts with his troops of “Maglie Rosse” (Redshirts) from Genova, to liberate Italy from foreign rulers. Is it possible to unite Italy within 2 years?


1859 AD
World War I (215 kB)

After Prince Ferdinand of Österreich-Ungarn was assassinated by a Serbian terrorist the Central Powers (Deutsches Reich and Österreich-Ungarn) declared war first to Serbia (allied with Russia) and after that to France. In answer to it Great Britain declared war to the Central Powers, because the “Balance of Power” in Euorpe was serious endangered. Will the Allies (Great Britain, France, Russia) resist the intial superiority of the Central Powers? Will the Czar empire cope with the Communists (Barbarians)? Or will the Central Powers finally win the war?


1914 AD
East, Wind, Rain (33 kB)

“East Wind, Rain,” is believed to be the code phrase used by the Japanese High Command to signal the beginning of their war in the Pacific to conquer a new empire. Japan and China have been at war for many years, and western economic sanctions against the Empire have taken their toll. Japan is now allied with the Axis powers in Europe and is ready to begin an offensive to secure two vital objectives: a large, resource rich empire in the Southwest Pacific, and a defensive zone of strategic island fortresses to surround and protect both the new empire and the home islands. But America is wary of the threat imposed by Japan, and to thwart aggression she has the powerful United States Pacific Fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii …


1941 AD
The Battle of Algiers
(564 kB)

As the scenario begins, the Algerian FLN (National Liberation Front) is ready to launch a series of attacks against the French. The purpose of these attacks is to seize arms and declare Algerian Independence. The FLN is divided into 6 factions (Wilayas) who are as likely to fight among themselves as they are to fight the French.


1954 AD
Vietnam (11 kB)

Welcome to 1970, one of the most difficult times in U.S. History. President Richard Nixon is leading the U.S. into the ultimate test of Democracy’s resolve to prevent the spread of Communism while trying not to start an international conflict with the U.S.S.R. Remember that their is a no fly, no fight order in and over North Vietnam, can you force them into peace without losing any face to the people of the United States? Can you prevent the the spread of the war? Remember, Communist Rebels (Barbarians) are a constant threat to peace in the region. Use your first line of men well, because resupply from the U.S. will not be forthcoming, Good Luck!


1970 AD
Cold War (201 kB)

Oil crisis 1974: World is in a critical situation. NATO and East Bloc are faced hostile with each other, China is becoming the 3. world power and India is deveolping its first Atombomb. But even the rich populated third countries, under the leadership of Egypt, are a threat for the world system. Will be begin the 3. World War, or a new frindly age?


1974 AD
The Day After (160 kB)

In the year 2033 nearly the whole population of the world was wiped out by the nuclear war between Russia and the USA. The consequences were the so called “nuclear winter” or completely darkness for months (map is covered); moreover almost every former big city is now ruled by anarchists (barbarians). Try to rebuild a nation of your choice and make it to the most powerful one!


2033 AD
Beta Centauri (110 kB)

After World War 3 nearly whole mankind was wiped out by the causes of nuclear weapons; the earth was contaminated for ever. Only the 2500 humans living on the nearby space station “Freedom” were able to find a way to reach the next suitable solar system, Beta Centauri, within 56 years. The planet they reached was populated by primitive aliens…


2063 AD


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